Our ‘Tin Leaves’ art project was commissioned to bring a practical and creative dimension to the ten-year celebration of the formation of Solent Academies Trust. Building on the themes of celebration, tin anniversaries, recycling, our commitment to outdoor education across the Trust and the individual student at the heart of each of our academies.
Our leaves were handmade by students across the Trust from tins collected at home. Each was shaped after the form of the beech leaf, traditionally symbolic of knowledge and wisdom, and the tree first used for writing on (the words beech and book have the same ancient root).
Every leaf has been embossed with the initials of a student from one of our sites. Every young person has been included.
The individual leaves have been made into five wreaths, whose shapes remind us of times of celebration, of victory and of our journeys through school and into adulthood.
As we move into an Olympic year the five rings, one to be displayed at each of our sites, remind us of the Olympic values. Excellence, Friendship and Respect, values which Solent Academies Trust and our five academies emulate in their own visions.

Over a thousand leaves, all different yet all linked.
Five wreaths, individual but with one purpose.