Our Orchard trees arrived just before the February Half – term and they are doing very well. Today the Young Tree Champions watered them and spread more mulch onto them. They have enjoyed looking after them and they have created a little seating area (out of logs) inside the semi-circle of fruit trees.

The new pack of five small trees have been planted in our already established forest, as we felt we need some more colour in the forest. We look forward to seeing these trees blossom and brighten up our forest. Some of the hedgerow trees were also added to an area of the forest (to create a pathway and potential hiding spot). The remaining hedgerow has been planted outside the year 5/6 classrooms to create a border along our path.

A very busy spring of digging/ planting and mulching new trees for our school community.

We have also dug over our four vegetable beds and have sown the following seeds: tomatoes, broccoli, pumpkin and rosemary. Next to the four beds we have placed four bags of potatoes onto little piles of left over woodchip. We thought that the piles of woodchip might stop our potatoes from getting cold (as we checked the weather forecast for next week and it is promising snow!).