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Our new orchard, planted in December 2021 and March 2022, is establishing well, as we can tell from the profusion of leaves and flowers (Wow! We might get some fruit this year, though just a few as we don’t want to put too much pressure on our trees in the first year). We are watering them to help the settle in well and grow healthy leaves and flowers.

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  • Juliette@TreeCouncil says:

    Wow! Your trees are looking really healthy, you must be taking great care of them! If you do see fruit in the first year, we recommend removing them as soon as you spot them. Producing the fruit takes a lot of energy and it best to give the young tree a chance to use this energy to grow and establish.

    It is currently our Tree Care campaign and we recently ran a care webinar (catch up here: Here are some top tips for caring for your trees:
    – Water weekly (roughly 20L per tree) from spring to September
    – Keep the mulch topped up
    – Clear any weeds or grass from around the base (weeds and grass compete for water and nutrients)
    – Check your guards, stakes and ties
    – Provide homes and food for natural predators who will help control pests

    Thank you for being a Force For Nature!

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