St. Andrew’s were so excited to receive  Fruit Trees From The Tree Council as it meant that  Young Tree Champions could set to work developing a Biodiversity Zone. A zone dedicated to welcoming and encouraging biodiversity has been a dream at St Andrew’s for a while and the donation of the trees was the incentive needed to officially get started.

Pupils worked collaboratively to dig the holes for the trees to be planted in, added the young trees and watered and nurtured them (including singing to them)! In the months since they planted the trees, pupils have created flower beds around the base of each tree and have planted wild seed mix into each. They have kept the area weed free and watered. They have also taken measurements of each tree and plan to use the data to observe and compare how the different trees grow.
Pupils plan to further develop the area by adding more flowers and bulbs around the trees and eventually build a small pond.

Everyone at St. Andrew’s would like to thank The Tree Council for their tree donation and for all the help, advice and assistance offered.