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Hedgerows are hidden heroes nestled within our towns, cities and countryside. They absorb carbon and air pollution, provide wildlife habitats and make us feel better with their lush greenery. National Hedgerow Week (May 29 – June 6) is celebrating how fantastic and important hedgerows are! All through the week, there are informative and interesting webinars and tonight’s webinar is all about connecting children to hedgerows and nature through stories. Sign up here!

Get curious about your local hedge, and #TalkToTheHedge with our fun and informative guide to chatting to hedges. Get the guide and find out more about the week here. Continue to be a #ForceForNature by celebrating and getting involved with #NationalHedgerowWeek.


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  • Julie Newman says:

    There’s been some really good webinars – looking forward to “ Buzzy beasts, crawly creepers and nectar sippers of the hedgerows”!

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