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This is a fantastic opportunity to help tackle the climate and nature crises by delivering a Young Tree Champion project in your school. 


“It’s been fantastic working with The Tree Council! We’ve particularly liked the flexibility of the programme, this has really helped us to deliver a project, that meets the needs and aspirations of our school. The schools taking part help to support each another, it’s becoming a real community.” YTC Beacon School Lead.

Be a Force for Nature

The application page has everything you need to plan an amazing Young Tree Champion project for your school, including an introductory webinar, feedback from Beacon Schools, project tools, our Application Guidance and FAQ’s.




*Please note: This programme is only open to new schools who have not previously applied for our Young Tree Champions programme.

Introductory Webinar

Watch our introductory webinar to find out what The Tree Council’s Young Tree Champions programme is all about, from why it’s so important to take action, to the benefits of delivering the programme in your school, to achieving Beacon School Status and being a national Force For Nature!

Download the accompanying presentation here

Young Tree Champion Project Impact

Watch our short evaluation video from Young Tree Champion National Beacon Schools talking about the impact the Young Tree Champion project has had on their students and school as a whole.

Available project resources

Through the support of our partners M&G plc, we are able to offer an exciting package of free project resources to help your Young Tree Champions be a Force For Nature. Available resources include:

  • A choice of beautiful trees (packs contain fruit trees, broadleaf trees, orchards trees or hedgerow whips)
  • A Tech Kit (containing a microscope camera and other equipment to unlock the wonder of trees)
  • Speakers Trust teacher training and pupil workshop.

Helpful project application tools

Make a start by reading our Project Application Guidance there are lots of top tips and suggestions to help you plan a brilliant project. Use our Questionnaire template, to help define what matters most to your Young Tree Champions. Once you’ve agreed what matters most, use our Action Plan Template (see an example Action Plan here) to plan your project before completing the project application form.

The deadline for project applications is 12 noon 3 February 2022.

*The items in the Tech Kit may differ from the image shown.

Hear from Young Tree Champions from across the UK

Watch our videos to hear about how The Tree Council’s Young Tree Champions programme has helped to inspire pupils and teachers from all across the UK.

Becoming a National Beacon School

Beacon Schools are schools that have gone the extra mile to complete the 5 steps to becoming a Beacon School. Step 3, delivering a Young Tree Champion Project is the biggest step. To achieve Beacon School status your school needs to demonstrate, in your project self-assessment form (completed at the end of your project) and through posts on your club space, that your school has delivered a whole school project, across the curriculum (connecting, learning, caring and sharing activities), on campus (planting trees, learning outdoors) and in your school community (events, newsletters) both locally and at a national level (club news posts).

Beacon Schools will be awarded at the Force for Nature festival on 15 June 2022.

Read a Beacon School case study here

Project Application Form

Before you start this application, we suggest you carefully read our application guidance this will provide all the information and advice you need, to plan your project and complete the application form. We also advise you read our FAQs. Don’t forget to save as you go.

Frequently asked questions

Can my school be involved in the YTC programme without ordering trees?

Yes – we will provide plenty of other resources and ways for your Young Tree Champions to connect, learn and share the power of trees.

Do I need to recruit my Young Tree Champions, to help to complete the application form?

It would be useful to have recruited your Young Tree Champions, as your students will have great ideas for what you might do and any themes you may wish to focus on as a group, they are the projects driving force for nature.

  • Engage with existing eco-club or student council and put your project on the agenda
  • Use this Young Tree Champion Questionnaire to help decide what matters most to your Young Tree Champions and select a tree theme
  • Discuss ideas for your activities to connect, learn, care and share within your project, and complete an Action Plan, you can then use this to complete the application form. You can find an example Action Plan here.

Do I need landowner permission to plant my trees?

Yes, this is really important – please make sure you have written permission from the landowner for the proposed location to plant the trees before completing the application form. It may be worth checking your school improvement plan for any new proposed developments onsite.

How big will the trees become and how much space will they need to thrive?

The trees have been carefully selected according to their size when mature. You have a choice of Tree Packs – Container tree pack, Broadleaf tree pack, Orchard tree pack and Hedgerow pack.

  • Container fruit tree pack: trees will grow to 2-3m and need to be planted between 3-5m apart or can be planted in a container
  • Broadleaf tree pack: trees will grow to 6m and need to be planted 5-8m apart
  • Orchard tree pack: trees will grow to 3-4m and need to be planted 3m apart
  • Hedgerow pack: this contains 90 hedgerow whips. Each pack will equate to a hedgerow 15-18m in length and need to be planted between 15-20cm apart

Please note: It is not possible to select specific species from the list to create a bespoke pack.

Plant your trees where they can receive lots of sunlight and where the drainage is good. Also consider a location that is accessible to all and allows you to water your young trees and saplings regularly and easily in the first 2-3 years (near an outdoor tap).

You can find out more information in our detailed planning and planting guide.

What exactly does a tree pack contain?

You can select one of the following tree packs:

  • Container fruit tree pack
  • Broadleaf tree pack
  • Orchard tree pack
  • Hedgerow pack

Your choice will be based on the area you have available to plant your trees.

Each tree pack (container, broadleaf and orchard) consists of five mixed trees. The trees will be between 1 and 2 years old (approx. 1 – 1.5m tall) and will arrive ‘bare-rooted’ ready for immediately planting out. Your pack will include stakes, wire guards and hessian ties to support the tree for the first 2-3 years of its life.

Each hedgerow pack contains 90 hedgerow whips. Each whip is approximately 1m high and will arrive ‘bare-rooted’ ready for immediately planting out. Each pack will contain a combination of native hedgerow whips. There are no nut producing plants in any of the packs. (Hedgerow packs do not include stakes, wire guards or hessian ties.)

Further information on planting and caring for your trees will be shared through webinars and a planting and care guidance document.

The trees are perfect for creating a tree trail but you may wish to use them in other ways to support the delivery of your project – for example, to create a wildlife-friendly area or woodland classroom to support your project.

Our school doesn’t have any green space – can we plant the trees in pots?

Our Container tree pack consists of small trees which will grow to between 5 – 10m tall and are suitable for planting in containers. Each container must be at least 1 metre x 1 metre x 1 metre. Pots should have drainage holes in the bottom to prevent roots becoming waterlogged if overwatered or due to rain.

It’s important to bear in mind that trees in containers will need extra care, especially with watering during the spring and summer.

You can find out more information in our detailed planning and planting guide.

How do we keep our trees alive and healthy in the longer term?

When your tree pack arrives, you will need get them into the ground straight away and give them a good water – they’ll be thirsty from their journey! Make sure you use the stakes, ties and guards to help protect your young trees from rabbits and strong winds. You will be provided with detailed instructions on how to plant and care for your trees through our webinar (Tuesday 8 February) and our detailed planning and planting guide.

Your Young Tree Champions will need to water the newly-planted trees for the first two years (roughly 20 litres of water per tree per week), especially when the weather is dry and during the Easter and Summer holidays. Consider consulting a local volunteer Tree Warden to help provide advice and expertise on caring for your trees.

We will be running a webinar to support you planting and caring for your trees on Tuesday 8 February.

How much time will my Young Tree Champion project take to deliver?

This project can be as big as you want to make it! We estimate typically a lead teacher will need to allocate 4 to 6 days throughout the spring and summer term to deliver the project from application to completion, this depends upon the amount of support they receive.

It’s important that senior management allocate time to an enthusiastic member of staff to lead the project (LSA, Teacher). The lead contact will need to complete the application process, recruit the Young Tree Champions and make sure there is a plan of activities in place to plant, connect, learn, care for and share the power of trees.

Compared to growing annual plants like tomatoes and salads, your trees will require much less annual care once the trees are established. However there is more to do in the first few years in order to get them established; they’ll need to be watered regularly, weeded, mulched and guarded for the first three years.

What do the Tech Kits contain?

Young Tree Champion Tech Kits provide your young people with amazing resources with which to interact with the world of trees. The kit is designed to help you create an interactive trail, explore the science and wonder of your new or existing trees on your grounds and record a podcast to speak up for trees.

The Tech Kit will contain a microscope camera, ID charts and other tech (tbc).

When will I receive my Tree Pack and/or Tech Kit?

Deliveries will take place in early March 2022.

What is a Speaking Up workshop led by Speakers Trust?

A Speaking Up workshop led by Speakers Trust involves a teacher training workshop and a pupil workshop.

  • Teacher training workshops are designed to inspire teachers to develop oracy within the curriculum and will include breakout sessions to facilitate questions. The session will take place online (10 February for Secondary aged schools and 1 March for Primary aged schools) and help to prepare teachers for their day of pupil workshops.
  • Pupil workshops comprise of an all-day session engaging the pupils in vocalising their personal journey to becoming a Force for Nature. These sessions will be tailored for your school and can be delivered to a club group or whole class (up to 32 pupils). Speakers Trust will contact schools directly to arrange timings and to tailor the sessions. These sessions will take place between March and May.

When will the Speaking Up workshops led by Speakers Trust take place?

The Teacher Training Workshops will take place on 10 February (Secondary aged schools) and 1 March (Primary aged schools). This workshop will be up to two hours.

The whole day pupil workshops will be arranged with the selected school between March and May.

What is a 'Beacon' School?

Beacon Schools are determined once you have successfully completed your project and submitted a project self-assessment form. To achieve Beacon School status your school needs to demonstrate in your self-assessment and posts on your club space that you are excelling in connecting, learning and sharing the power of trees and nature both in school and at a national level (by being active on your club account). Beacon Schools will be awarded at the Force for Nature festival on 15 June 2022. We also look to award two outstanding beacons schools, who have gone the extra mile to be a Force for Nature, these schools receive a voucher for £200 to use for a trip or resources for their project.

Once you have achieved Beacon School status you become part of an exclusive club of schools who support the shaping and development of the Young Tree Champion Programme. Opportunities include trialling new technology and working with wider partners like Forest schools (tbc) to develop bespoke workshops. Beacon schools also can apply to receive the Force for Nature tour and visits from our ambassadors.

Thank you to our programme partner M&G plc

The Tree Council are working in partnership with M&G plc, the savings and investment company that truly understands the value of trees to fighting climate change. By inspiring young people to become young tree champions, we hope to help create a healthier future, for the environment and each other. We are incredibly grateful to M&G plc for their fantastic support which will enable us to reach some of the most underserved communities in Britain and inspire them to be a #ForceForNature