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By signing up to Young Tree Champions, you gain exclusive access to a range of tools which will help your young people connect with the awesome power of trees and use their voice to speak up for them.

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Young Tree Champion resources

Use our resources to be a #ForceForNature. You can explore webinars, activity sheets and inspirational guides all linked to the curriculum; find out how to get hands-on and plant and care for trees; get access to teacher tools and training to inspire young people to unlock the power of trees. With our resources, you can become part of a national force for nature with the confidence to speak up for trees and our planet.

Seed Gathering Season

Seed gathering is a fun, free and easy activity that everyone can get involved in and is the perfect way to connect with and learn more about the trees in your local area.

We all know about the incredible carbon-busting, habitat-protecting and wellbeing-boosting powers of trees and that they are key to a healthy and happy future for us and our planet. By gathering seeds (and planting them later in the year) you and your Young Tree Champions can continue to be a #ForceForNature and help make sure that our trees, and planet, continue to thrive in the future.

Enter the seeds you collect to the national Force For Nature Tree Seed Totaliser

Explore the Seed Gathering resources

1. Collect

The first step of the process it to get outside, connect with nature and collect your seeds! Find out more in the activity sheet and accompanying presentation.


2. Prepare

After collecting your seeds, you will need to prepare them. Find out more in the activity sheet and accompanying presentation.


3. Stratify

Now that your seeds are ready, you need to stratify them over winter. Find out more in the activity sheet and accompanying presentation.



Watch our past webinars for inspiration and support to help you on your journey to become a #ForceForNature.

Watch: Let’s Get Learning Outdoors Webinar

This webinar, delivered by The Tree Council and Learning through Landscapes, covers:

  • The reasons and rationale for learning outdoors
  • Lesson and activity ideas, including a demo on creating an audio QR code for your talking tree trail
  • Top tips on how to germinate a positive and supportive programme of outdoor learning
Download presentation here

Watch: Let’s Get Planting Webinar

Our very experienced resident expert Margaret Lipscombe, takes you through a detailed plan including:

  • What you will need to do before your planting
  • A step by step of guide of how to plant your trees
  • Top tips for caring for your trees over the coming years
  • Steps to raising awareness and sharing your planting via social at #ForceforNature
Download presentation here

Activity sheets

Below are activity sheets which have exciting activity and lesson ideas (with curriculum links) to use in the classroom and inspire your students to be a #ForceForNature.

Trees and Climate Change

Literacy and climate activity

Get pupils to experience, research and share their knowledge and opinions about the value of trees in helping to combat climate change.


My life support

Science & health activity

A series of simple outdoor science experiments and investigations to help pupils understand the vital role trees play in keeping us alive.



Literacy activity

Get up close and personal with a tree and use this connection to inspire imaginative writing that is personal to you and your experience.



Art & climate activity

Craftivism is becoming very popular – it involves using the slow and mindful art of crafting to convey an important issue.


Taking it slowly

Art activity

Three art activities are designed to help them create something special, and in the process, slow down, be more mindful and take a proper look around them.


Nature up-close and personal

Art & nature activity

Art can be a fantastic way to get pupils to really study the details of nature – looking closely to help with identification or observing how plants and animals have adapted to their habitat.


Trees through the Seasons

Art and climate activity

Get your pupils to use their observation skills to notice and record through drawing, photography and craft the seasonal changes of trees.


Journey Stick

Literacy and Nature Activity

Connect with the natural world through observation and collection, leading to the creation of an item that provokes the memory of that place.


Create a Critter!

Science and Nature Activity

Gain an understanding of how different creatures are adapted to live in different habitats, specifically a woodland habitat.


Inspirational guides

An inspiration guide is an opportunity for teachers to take a deeper dive into activities that focus on our key tree themes of health, climate and nature.

Activity inspiration guide

How old are trees?

Trees can be a great resource for teaching maths. After all, collecting and using data is key to mathematical understanding and there is a lot of data you can collect from trees!


Activity inspiration guide

Pollinator Perfection

This guide shows you how you can make your school grounds more pollinator-friendly by looking at the example of Polli:Nation, a National Lottery Heritage Fund project run by Learning through Landscapes across more than 250 schools in the UK.


Activity inspiration guide

Let’s cool it

Many school grounds can get very hot in the summer months and this is only going to get worse as climate change progresses. This inspiration guide shows you how to assess the impact trees can have in your grounds.


Activity inspiration guide

Silence is golden

Too often children and young people don’t have time to be really quiet. This inspiration guide and activities will help them focus their thoughts and ideas, and really appreciate time to be silent.