We have been exploring our new space over the passed few weeks to find out what wildlife like to come and visit. We could only ever spot seagulls or the occasional magpie in the space so we decided to develop a space to entice a variety of birds. We looked at different types of birds and what they liked to eat and what kind of environments they liked to visit.

We then set to clearing out a space. We cleared away a lot of the weeds and brambles to create a sheltered but open space for smaller birds to come to. We then made a simple bird feeder station using 2 Y sticks in the ground with another branch resting over them.

Once that was secure we created bird feeders using recycled materials. It was tricky to tie the knots but we worked together to get the string secured! We filled the feeders with a range of suet, meal worms and seeds with the hope that different birds will come and visit.

To ensure that the birds would not be disturbed and have a quiet space to come we created a bird hide wall that we can peep through to see the birds feed. We used pallets and propped them up with tyres and tree stumps. We checked they were secure and stood back to admire our work.

We are going to enjoy spending time watching the birds. We will have to make sure that we check each week to see if we have any sightings and of course to top up the feeders when they are empty!