Its time to celebrate. Together we can change the world for the better.

The Force For Nature Campaign is making a real difference. Watch the Force for Nature Festival and be inspired by the winners of our Speaking Up for Trees and Nature competition!

Be a Force For Nature

Our mission at The Tree Council is to work together for the love of trees. Together with trees and nature we can take action to be a Force for Nature and tackle the climate and nature crises.

Latest news from our Young Tree Champions…

Read more about the fabulous work being done by some of our Young Tree Champion schools and how their pupils are becoming a #ForceForNature…

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October 3, 2022

Transport in Nature

Y1 have been learning about different forms of transport in class so out at Forest School we investigated transport that is found in nature. We found a snail and looked…
BiodiversityHealth & Wellbeing
October 3, 2022

Nesting birds

It was with great excitement that we spotted a bird entering one of the bird boxes!
Art & Design
October 3, 2022

Nature Inspired Art

An artist came in to work with our children to create a small piece of artwork inspired by nature. The children designed and painted a coaster. There were so many…

Why does Young Tree Champions matter?

Health and Well being

58% of under-18s said their mental health was poor or very poor, MIND report. At least 74% of children play outside for less than an hour a day.

Knowledge, skills gap, awareness

The learning gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers is 46% bigger than it was a year earlier. National Foundation for Educational Research.

Equality and inclusion

Climate and nature crises impacts the youngest the most, children have the least say and influence on government policy.

Changing climate and biodiversity loss

3 trillion trees cut down.

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Thank you to our programme partner M&G plc

Thank you, to our partners M&G plc and supporting organisations Eco-schools, Speakers Trust, Forest Schools Association, Learning Through Landscapes and the University of Derby.

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