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Our programme

The Young Tree Champion programme supports hundreds of schools from across the UK to embark on impactful nature-learning projects, connecting teachers and students to trees and nature and helping them develop the knowledge, skills and tools they need to stand up and protect our planet.

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Nominate your Young Tree Champion Junior Ambassadors

Take the lead in tackling the climate and nature crisis

Now is the time to nominate a Young Tree Champion, Junior Ambassador. If successful your two junior ambassadors will have a unique opportunity to attend Senior Ambassador Masterclasses to learn how to creatively connect with trees and nature and raise awareness of your Young Tree Champion project in your school, community and across the UK network.

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Together with nature we can learn to make all the difference

This is an amazing opportunity to team up with nature and hundreds of schools from across the UK to tackle the climate and nature crisis. We supply life giving trees, CPD training, resource packs including microscope cameras and unique opportunities like the Force for Nature festival to inspire schools to:

  • Improve the wellbeing of their children and teachers by growing their connections with each other, other schools and nature.
  • Develop an understanding of the role of trees in tackling the crises and how to care for them across the curriculum.
  • Develop the confidence and communication skills to find the courage to speak up for nature and make a difference.
  • Improve the biodiversity, carbon storage capacity and access for nature within the school grounds and community.

And much, much more!

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Senior Ambassadors

Masterclasses are making a difference

Our Senior Ambassadors have been busy developing a series of exciting masterclasses to inspire Young Tree Champion Junior Ambassadors to connect with nature and tackle the climate and nature crises. Learn more by visiting their new profile pages. Also keep track of their news via their dedicated news feed.


Club News….

Read about the incredible activities our Young Tree Champion schools have been up to.
January 18, 2023

Feeding the Birds

Pupils spent some of their afternoon making bird feeders - using wooden discs smeared with lard and covered in seeds; also using hoops to make hanging feeders. They did look…
Design & TechnologyPSHE or Wellbeing
January 18, 2023

KS2 are loving exploring wood!

Children in KS2 have been exploring woodwork. We had been donated a range of used wood to re-purpose! The children have enjoyed using saws and drills and a big dose…
January 18, 2023

Exciting News!

We have received our wooden plaque for achieving the Woodlan Trust's Gold award!

Why does Young Tree Champions matter?


Health and Well being

58% of under-18s said their mental health was poor or very poor, MIND report. At least 74% of children play outside for less than an hour a day.

Knowledge, skills gap, awareness

The learning gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers is 46% bigger than it was a year earlier. National Foundation for Educational Research.

Equality and inclusion

Climate and nature crises impacts the youngest the most, children have the least say and influence on government policy.

Changing climate and biodiversity loss

3 trillion trees cut down.

m and g negative

Thank you to our programme partner M&G plc

Thank you, to our partners M&G plc and supporting organisations Eco-schools, Speakers Trust, Forest Schools Association, Learning Through Landscapes and the University of Derby.

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