Inspiring Young Tree Champions
to be a #ForceForNature

We know from 50 years of planting trees that young people care about the planet and are an amazing force for nature. That’s why we’ve teamed up with M&G plc to respond to the climate and ecological crisis, by inspiring teachers and pupils to unlock the power of trees.

Latest news from our Young Tree Champions…

Read more about the fabulous work being done by some of our Young Tree Champion schools and how their pupils are becoming a #ForceForNature…

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June 18, 2021

Making flags out of natural resources

The children at Welshpool CIW Primary school have been busy finding natural resources to make flags of the countries participating in the Euro's Football tournament.
Health & Wellbeing
June 18, 2021

Terrific Tree Faces

We talked about how trees are alive and Year 1 added clay and other natural materials to the trees to make their terrific tree faces.
June 18, 2021

Speaking up for Trees finalists

We found it impossible to narrow down our finalists to 5 so gave several of our Year 5 students a place in our Speaking up for nature final. We were…
Young Tree Champions

We know that young people care about the planet

We have seen in recent months just how much of an amazing force for nature young people can be if given the tools and the voice to speak up. But the threat of climate change and the impact of coronavirus is having a massive impact on our young people.

Did you know?


of children have been mentally affected by the Coronavirus pandemic


of surveyed youth think young people can make a difference on climate change.

Tree Champion Schools

Free activities for schools

By becoming Tree Champions, young people can:


Grow deeper connections with each other, trees and nature both in and out of school to improve their mental and physical health and well-being.


Learn about the extraordinary role of trees and nature in tackling the crisis, explore new skills and celebrate the diversity of life on earth. Most importantly teachers and children will use their skills and knowledge to take action to be a #ForceForNature


Creatively share their new found knowledge, skills and passion to tackle the crisis. Finding their voice to engage and empower others to take action.

Thank you to our programme partner M&G plc

The Tree Council are working in partnership with M&G plc, the savings and investment company that truly understands the value of trees to fighting climate change. By inspiring young people to become young tree champions, we hope to help create a healthier future, for the environment and each other. We are incredibly grateful to M&G plc for their fantastic support which will enable us to reach some of the most underserved communities in Britain and inspire them to be a #ForceForNature